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Advantages Of A Government-Affiliated College Towards Your Future: A Must Read Blog!

There are many options available for Fashion and Interior Design. You can choose from Degree, Diploma, Certificate and Short-Term courses to achieve your dreams. The degree programs provide the most in-depth understanding of the subject matter. However, due to the niche of such design programs B.Sc Fashion Designing colleges or B.Sc Interior Designing colleges are rare.

Diploma programs hold equal importance in the field due to the practical knowledge imparted. Either of those programs will help you achieve your design dreams. Many institutions also provide government-approved diploma programs.

Usually, a government body examines the programs and curriculum of an institution before giving its seal of approval. It ensures that the standard of education is maintained in line with instructions laid down by the examining body. 

The challenge of acquiring such validity is the standards that a college has to maintain consistently. This means that such colleges are rare. So, more often than not, students look for public institutes.

Are Public Colleges The Best Options For You?

The rarity of government-approved private colleges will leave you wondering about this question as well. The answer is not what you would expect. While government fashion designing colleges or government interior designing colleges have the above-mentioned advantages, they lack something else. A constant innovation in learning. 

Private colleges regularly improve upon their curriculum, learning modules and facilities. It allows them to be at the epicentre of knowledge that the industry demands. For that reason, private colleges are still in demand. Fashion and Interior designing government colleges don’t have the flexibility to improve or adapt to emerging trends.

That is why government-approved colleges are the right choice for students.

How A Government-Affiliated Education Can Improve Your Future!

Here is what a government approval of a college means for your education:

  • Quality Of Education: The standard of education is raised in such institutions. It is to ensure that the education is comparable to other government institutions. The college must ensure that students get a deserving education that will help them establish their future.
  • Wider Validity And Desirability: Due to the positive reputation brought about by higher quality education, any government-approved institution will have a wider approval in the profession. Companies like to hire graduates with such quality knowledge and skills.
  • Best Of Both Worlds: A government-approved private college can provide you with the best of both worlds. On one hand, you get the quality of education and industry approval of a government college. On the other hand, you get the constant innovation and evolving pedagogy of a private institution.
  • Better Accessibility: An advantage of private colleges still applies here. Due to the rarity of government colleges, admissions are a challenging task for students. However, private colleges are higher in number. Therefore it is easier for students to seek education in government-approved institutions than public colleges.

It truly is an advantageous but also a rare opportunity for students to learn for their future. Especially, when it comes to Fashion and Interior design.

Rarity Of Government-Approved Fashion And Interior Design Colleges!

It is quite difficult to find Interior and Fashion Designing government colleges. Most of them are private institutes that provide certification courses for this niche requirement.

There are around 1800 design colleges in India. Out of that figure, only 114 are either government-approved or public colleges. This figure may seem high but compared with the number of total colleges in India, it is fleetingly low. That number is almost 40,000.

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However rare, a government-approved private college is the right choice for you. One of the best Fashion and Interior Design colleges is INIFD Kothrud.

How INIFD Kothrud Is The Best Choice For Your Fashion And Interior Design Dreams!

INIFD Kothrud is now approved by the Maharashtra State Board of education. This approval is a big leap for them in terms of their recognition for providing quality education. Their Interior and Fashion Design diploma programs now carry the same advantages that you expect from a government-approved college.

Over the years, INIFD Kothrud has helped over 1 Lakh students achieve their dream. Their efforts in providing quality Interior and Fashion design education has helped them become one of the best-ranked institutions in the country. The government approval is a validation of their efforts.

The campus at INIFD Kothrud is as essential as the education itself. The facilities that are available ensure that students are prepared with practical knowledge as well. Internships, Assignments, Seminars and Events are all part of the learning process at INIFD Kothrud.

A good college can have a positive impact on your future whether you are looking for B.Sc Fashion Designing colleges or B.Sc Interior Designing colleges. So, why not choose the best of them? Join INIFD Kothrud now and watch success unroll!