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7 Ways Corona Will Impact The Future Of Interior Designing

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted a lot of industries globally, it has the same impact on interior designing as well. As the lockdown has forced us to stay indoors, people have been aware of the interior designing needs due to isolation.

Even though the lockdown has been lifted, many activities are encouraged to be done indoors like work from home, school from home, workouts, gardening, and as the restaurants and hotel industry is shut, cook everything at home.

The pandemic has impacted Interior designing and in the coming future, a lot will be incorporated while designing a space. Interior designers will have to learn new techniques to shape the post lockdown world. Apartments we live in, schools, hospitals, workplaces, and malls will have a different design future. Coronavirus has taught each one of us to incorporate all the safety and health measures for our welfare and the interior spaces need to be redesigned to adjust in the current situations. The pandemic will have long-lasting effects on our personal indoor needs but even the public places have to be redesigned according to the new social norms.

Young minds have to explore new ways to help everyone cope up with this situation by focussing more on social distancing and safety. Here are a few ways how corona will impact the future of Interior designing.


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As we all know due to the pandemic almost all the businesses were shut. The economy has come down unexpectedly and there is less cashflow. The interior designs have to face this new challenge and deliver their best to the clients and optimum budgets and reduced costs.


INIFD Pune Businessman shaking hands with a colleague in the office

Office culture will remain an integral part of most of the employees where work from home is not an option in some of the companies. New patterns and rituals have to be developed at the offices. Workplaces now have to mandatorily follow the guidelines of the health advisory officials. Safest workspaces have to be established to cope up with the pandemic.

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Revamping open spaces

INIFD Pune Revamping open spaces

Everyone wants to have an indoor garden or an open terrace to spend some time outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and climate. Incorporating greenery will be the new trend giving a boom to vertical and indoor gardening. Kitchen gardening will also be encouraged to support homegrown vegetables. While some fitness enthusiasts would want to use this open space for workout and fitness purposes. A dedicated yoga space or well-equipped home gym is the new want. Everyone at home wants that extra space in their home to do something they like.

Easy to use technologies

INIFD Pune Easy to use technologies

With this new way of living, we have to avoid touching surfaces and things around. Smart homes and voice controls can really make everyone’s life easy and safe in this situation. Voice control technology will definitely be in a huge trend now to ensure better and healthy living for all. Technologies should be user-friendly for all age groups.

Public Interior spaces

Parking spaces reserved for the disabled in outdoor lot for the public

To follow social distancing and avoiding crowded spaces. The public Interior spaces will have universal changes. There has to be proper space planning by keeping everyone at comfort. All the public spaces have to incorporate standard facilities like temperature checks and disinfectants to keep the area well sanitized every now and then. But the real challenge of the interior designers is, to fit all these mandatory checkpoints in a particular place. Hygiene surfaces

To kill the virus, all the maximum used places need to be clean. Be it a bathroom or a kitchen, antibacterial surfaces like copper brass and glazed ceramic tiles limit the spread of bacteria and germs. All the frequently touched surfaces have to be well maintained with easy to clean ways.

Going contactless

Couple on a business trip doing check-in at the hotel

Hotel chains, restaurants, and other sectors need to go contactless to avoid getting in touch with the public. We all have to adjust to the new surroundings post-pandemic. New technologies have to be incorporated in the public spaces to avoid contact but solve the purpose and maintain safety.

In the end

Post-pandemic, we can definitely count on one thing, there will be a lot of innovation and creative additions in our industry. Designers need to be sensitive to understand the client’s needs and strategically face the challenges in the upcoming longterm Interior Design future. INIFD Kothrud, Pune is striving hard to provide all the details of the changes coming in the industry. The institute is trying its level best to shape up the minds of the young designers with online teaching modules.

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