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11 Ways to Upgrade Your Fashion Design Knowledge & Skills for Free

Fashion Designing is an amazing and lucrative career option in which you can outshine your creativity. If you have an interest in fashion design to pursue it as a career then you should start upgrading your knowledge.

Start taking efforts to be busy with the free online tools and channels to enhance fashion design skills. Everyday is an opportunity to take one more step to improve fashion designing skills to fulfill your dreams. Take actionable steps to understand the ins and outs of the fashion industry. Get acquainted with the history of fashion design, clothing textiles, fashion events and how the fashion business works

Get an early head start to be prepared ahead of time in your fashion career. Here is the list of 11 ways you can do to upgrade your fashion design knowledge & skills for free-

Develop Your Skills

INIFD Pune Keep Learning

To bring your vision and creativity to life with a constant practice of your skills. Upgrade your skills and refine them to a more professional level by utilising your time.

Take out enough time for your practice as there is always a room for improvement. Bring out the creativity of your artistic vision by practising over the dummies to enhance your trendy skills of fashion designing at the professional level.

Improve your communication skills as at the end of the day you're not just going to live fashion but sell fashion as well. Learn to convince your clients and colleagues, as in the future you have to prove your fashion design creativity. Encourage yourself by tracking your learning and practical skills. Analyse your own improvement and take a leap towards your dreams.

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Find your USP

INIFD Kothrud its starts with You

After your regular practising and understanding about the fashion industry its time to study about yourself. You must identify what makes you stand out in the fashion industry from the other fashion designers.

To establish your Unique Selling Point (USP) you need to isolate yourself. Identify the answers to a few questions to understand your USP. What makes your fashion designs unique? What makes you stand out? How will you differentiate yourself from other fashion designers? It's only you who can combine the uniqueness and skills to establish your own USP.

Boost Up Your Sketching or Drawing Skills

INIFD Pune Boost Up Your Sketching or Drawing Skills

The prior thing required in fashion designing is drawing. You should start practising sketching, sharpening your drawing skills, learn about different colouring schemes and patterns.

When you enrol for a full time fashion design course in the future, you will be getting many sketching assignments. Imagination and visualisation of your design and creativity has to be taken out on the paper beautifully.

The creative art and sketching is the first step to your fashion career. While you are sitting at home, take up some tutorials based on sketching and basic art skills of fashion studies.

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Constant Networking

INIFD Pune Constant Networking

You never know how your luck can hit you with a dream career opportunity. Constant networking in your relevant field is the key to get deeper in the industry.

It is essential to make connections and have great contacts. We all know all the best works in the world happen through contacts. Right connections into the fashion industry might get you references for bigger opportunities.

Start joining different groups, fashion communities, pages and social platforms to be noticed. To nurture your career take efforts to network constantly. Reach out to influential and well known fashion faces to build strong professional relations by attending events.

Home-Based Fashion Designing Courses

INIFD Kothrud Pune Home-Based Fashion Designing Courses

If you are a beginner in fashion designing, the best way to start with basics is to take up online courses. Being at home you can explore the world of fashion and get some knowledge and get some ideas on the skills required.

Online educational platforms have proved to be a boon to learn at ease with only internet connection. There are many free online tools and channels to enhance fashion design skills, choose one according to your liking and availability.

Follow Famous Indian Designers

INIFD Pune Manish Malhotra Alia Bhatt Ranveer Singh

Many fashion designers have played an important role to showcase their creative design work to the world. Famous names like Ritu Verma, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi have benchmarked themselves and are famous on International level.

Draw inspiration from these famous existing designers. Study their backgrounds, uniqueness, signature style and build your confidence to set up your own designer journey.

Shadowing their ideas and designs will definitely add up to your fashion knowledge.

Study Fabrics & Materials

INIFD Kothrud Pune Study Fabrics & Materials

India is the second largest producer of Silk after China and the third largest producer of Cotton in the world. Most of our Indian fashion would use these naturally grown fabrics. Cotton is the pride of our nation, innovate your designs to suit the Indian and global fashion taste.

Study about various materials and fabrics produced in different parts of the world. See how you can embark a difference and be a part of the fashion revolution which would amuse your customers.

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Build your portfolio and look for job opportunities

INIFD Pune Build your portfolio and look for job opportunities

To market yourself with your quality work, assemble a portfolio of your design work. Display your best work and highlight your skills and creativity in the portfolio. Start meeting people in the fashion industry as early as possible. Start looking for paid or unpaid internships. With this internship experience it is much easier to land in a job with professional recommendation.

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Map Indian & Global Fashion Industry

INIFD Pune Map Indian &  Global Fashion Industry

Improve fashion designing skills by studying the different genres in fashion. Map the Indian and foreign designers. Watch the fashion shows and how the industry supports their fashion skills. Follow the best of the designers on social media platforms to learn about fashion design, their recent launches and skills

Be-friend the Internet

INIFD Pune Be-friend the Internet

The Internet is filled with too much knowledgeable content. Start subscribing to various channels on youtube and newsletters and blogs on fashion websites. You can find some top fashion channels on Youtube and watch at least one educational video in a day. Research trends and find your own inspiration to create storyboards from Pinterest and Instagram.

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